The Iron Legion MC was founded in 2009 to promote Motorcycling and Brotherhood among fellow Law Enforcement Officers and their supporters.
IRON LEGION LE MC® – “Italy” has been charged to manage all members of the Club in European Union from the beginning in 2012.
Currently IRON LEGION LE MC® – “Italy”, is extremely active in the development of the Club throughout Europe. In particular, after obtaining the exclusive rights of the European Union from the founders of the United States, IRON LEGION LE MC® – “Italy” has given welcome to a lot of chapters in several European countries.
IRON LEGION LE MC® – “Italy” now represents the interests of the Club’s European members, developing it through the authorization for new Chapters and the incorporation of new members into the existing Chapters.
IRON LEGION LE MC® – “Italy” It also undertakes all the activities of protection of the relevant trademarks in order to preserve the rights and safeguard the value and the principles of the Club.

The use of the trademark ​​ and of all activities hereto in it in European Union Countries shall receive the prior written approval of IRON LEGION LE MC® – “Italy”.
The club was established as a Motorcycle Club and not as a charitable organization; however the club supports Law Enforcement Officers and their families in time of need and other related Law Enforcement and public safety events.
The Iron Legion MC LLC is not a 1% motorcycle club and will never associate with any and (or) similar like clubs or associations and their supporters.
The club is careful not to interact or associate with any other motorcycle club or any other entity that doesn’t have the same organizational and professional objectives and standards.
Members support each other and each other’s families.
The Iron Legion MC LLC is non-territorial and wears it’s bottom rocker to simply identify where a chapter resides.
​The Iron Legion MC LLC is not a support club nor is it a surrogate to any other Motorcycle Club or organization.
The Iron Legion MC LLC supports the United States Constitution as well as the laws established by Federal, State and local jurisdictions.